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Token in the lions' den in the South Park Zoo.

  • The character "Aslon", head of the lions whom Token joins, is a reference to "Aslan" from C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia. The character is made to resemble the version of Aslan from the 1979 made-for-TV animated movie The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe directed by Bill Melendez.
  • The Events are similar to the life of Dave Chappelle who took a sabbatical to Africa in a famous flip out.
  • The title is from the phrase "there goes the neighborhood".
  • The sign in front of the lion exhibit reads "Africanus Lionus Carnivorus" while the scientific name is really Panthera Leo, although that is only implied for the regular lion.
  • When Cartman is done giving his "project" he tells Ms. Choksondik that he will make her eat her parents, this is a reference to "Scott Tenorman Must Die" where Cartman makes Scott Tenorman eat his parents in chili.
  • In real life, Will Smith only has two children, a son named Jaden and a daughter named Willow.
  • Two years after this episode aired, Kobe Bryant was accused of rape in Eagle, Colorado. Eagle County, Colorado actually borders with Park County, which the town of South Park is stated to be in.
  • All through the episode, the locals' hatred (especially Mr. Garrison's) for wealthy people is portrayed in a way some people or towns exhibit racist hatred against African Americans. "Coincidentally", all the new rich people moving to South Park are black. E.g. when the locals put a burning cross (lower case T) on the Smiths' lawn, Mr. Garrison calls the new folk "cash-chuckers", reminiscent of the racist addressing "spear-chuckers". Their disguises are meant to portray ghosts, but look exactly like KKK uniforms. Farcically, nobody recognizes these parallels until Mr. Garrison's (truncated) finishing line - "At least we got rid of all the ni..."
  • Ned Gerblansky has not had a speaking role since this episode.


  • While Token is always referred to as Token Black, during the scene in J-Mart, Randy Marsh refers to Token's family as the Williams, instead of "the Blacks".
  • The snow on one of Token's front yard plants disappears at the end of his song.
  • When Butters is giving his report on volcanoes, you can see another Butters seated at his desk.
  • When Will Smith is looking at Forbes Magazine, an advertisement says "like Aspen was 20 years ago," but his wife mistakenly says 30 years instead.
  • When the episode aired in 2001, The Lion King was not on DVD yet. It would not be released on DVD until 2003 as part of Disney's Platinum Edition series.

Refrences in Pop Culture

  • J-Mart is a parody of the K-Mart department store chain.

Kenny's Death

Kenny isn't actually seen dying in this episode - Craig just tows his corpse on a trolley when they meet up with Token. It is most likely he has been kicked in the testicles one time too much.
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