Hell Isn't Good is a song from the film, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. The song is heard during Kenny's descent into Hell.

James Hetfield from Metallica was uncredited for his vocals in "Hell Isn't Good".


Singer: Little boy at peace, what is this place beyond the stars?
Open up your eyes, what are these things you're moving toward?
Head so full of wonder
Worries in the past
Could it be that you are free at last?


Kenny: (What?! [screams as he falls into the depths of Hell] What the fuck?!)

Singer: Little boy, you're goin' to Hell!!!
You said bad words, threw rocks at the birds; now this is your hotel!
You ain't goin back. This ain't Disneyland, it's Hell!!

Little boy, it's time for you to pay
For hurtin' that bird, and not goin to church, starin' at boobs everyday.
Thought you were in bed, instead you're in Hell!

Hell isn't good, no, Hell isn't good, yeah
Hell isn't good, no, Hell isn't good, Hell!

Hitler: [speaks German to Kenny]

George Burns: Hey fuckface, you seen Gracie?

Mahatma Gandhi: There is orderliness in the universe.

Singer: Hell isn't good, no, Hell isn't good, Hell!!!

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