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Hell's Pass Hospital is a hospital in the animated TV Show South Park, it appears to be the only hospital serving South Park. Those who work at Hell's Pass hospital include a few doctors, as well as a few nurses.


The hospital is often portrayed as sub-par; the doctors employed seem to be skilled only in the most basic of medical care practices, with most patients surviving mainly on luck or due to outside developments or circumstances. For example, Kyle Broflovski regains his will to live after seeing Eric Cartman miserable in "Cartmanland". The hospital has also been shown to have employed an armless nurse in "Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut". In "Tonsil Trouble", it is implied, due to a botched transfusion, that they don't keep donor blood and infected test specimens separate, though it could also be general incompetence.


South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play

Hells Pass Hospital serves as a level in the game where the player can use Firey-Works Towers against Woodland Critters and 6th graders. Jimmy is unlocked upon this level's completion.


  • Every time someone is in the hospital, their health chart at the foot of their bed is shown to be plummeting to nothing, no matter what their condition is.
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