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In "[[Not Funny]]", Heidi and Cartman's has suffered a strain because Heidi is fully focused on solving the rocket problem.
In "[[Not Funny]]", Heidi and Cartman's has suffered a strain because Heidi is fully focused on solving the rocket problem.
At the end of Season 20, Heidi and Cartman are still together.
===[[Butters Stotch]]===
===[[Butters Stotch]]===
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*"[[Members Only]]" - Along with Cartman and Butters, she tours the SpaceX building.
*"[[Members Only]]" - Along with Cartman and Butters, she tours the SpaceX building.
*"[[Not Funny]]" - Seen using EmojiAnalysis to solve a rocket science problem.
*"[[Not Funny]]" - Seen using EmojiAnalysis to solve a rocket science problem.
*"[[The End of Serialization as We Know It]]" - Seen with Cartman.
===''[[South Park: The Stick of Truth]]''===
===''[[South Park: The Stick of Truth]]''===

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Heidi Turner is a student at South Park Elementary. Heidi is portrayed as one of the popular girls in the fourth grade. She is usually seen with Wendy, Bebe, Red, Milly, Annie, Lola, Esther, and Sally. She hosted a sleepover in "Marjorine", which most of the "popular girls" attended, once again proving her popularity. She has had different parents in four episodes now, which are most likely continuity errors.


Character Development

Heidi went from being a minor background character that was introduced in Season Three, to earning her own presence in the South Park universe. She has come a long way throughout the series. Like most background characters in the early seasons, her model would be used to fill in space and occasionally be given color swaps. Later, as the series progressed, Heidi was given a permanent color scheme and eventually a name, making her more usable for reoccurring roles. She obtained further establishment after the episode "Marjorine", where she took up a major role, hosting a slumber party. She has, so far, kept her place in the girls clique throughout the series. Her role had seemed to be gradually growing, but had dropped off slightly until "The Hobbit". Heidi became a major player in Season 20, as she was forced off of social media by internet troll Skankhunt42, and eventually became the girlfriend of Eric Cartman, joining with him to end the gender war engulfing the school.

Voice Acting

She has had four voice actors throughout the series. Heidi is currently voiced by Jessica Mackinson, who has been voicing her since 2005. She was voiced by Mary Kay Bergman in "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut", which was her first speaking role. She was voiced by Mona Marshall from 2000-2001. She was voiced by Eliza J. Schneider from 2001-2005. In older seasons, her voice is similar to Wendy Testaburger's voice.


Heidi has dull brown hair. She wears a lime green jacket, dark brown trousers, and red gloves. In her initial appearance in "Rainforest Shmainforest", she had black hair (though it was shown as its later brown shade in various shots) and wore a green sweater when she wasn't in her choir uniform. She was also depicted with black hair in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.

When she was dressed as a whore in "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset", she wore a white crop-top and matching skirt, very similar to Sally's. When dressed for bed, she wears a pair of lavender plaid pajamas with a pink collar and pockets, as shown in "Marjorine".

She looks similar to the Girl with Green Coat in "Go God Go" as well as Karen McCormick, who both wear the same clothes as Heidi. The only differences are their hairstyles, Heidi's lack of a hairclip, and differently colored hair.

In "Skank Hunt", she gains a orange hat with black, white, and purple accents; a purple flower is also attached to it.

To see images of Heidi Turner, visit Heidi Turner/Gallery.


Heidi is often sweet and sociably friendly, although proving to sometimes be unkind to the point of cruelty. In "Marjorine", she initially displayed a dislike of the 'new girl' Marjorine, openly mocking her, despite later comforting Marjorine and offering her a makeover in apology of their teasing. She seems to like singing and dancing, as shown in "Rainforest Shmainforest", "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut", and "Marjorine". She is a "popular girl" among the 4th graders, she was shown participating in the girls' meeting in "The List", discussing which girl's purse was the cutest.


Mr. and Mrs. Turner

Heidi and her parents were first seen in the story arc "Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?" and "Probably". When Cartman opened his church and the parents tried to convince their kids to come back, Heidi went inside. Her dad told her to come back, but then a beam from the roof of Cartman's poorly made church landed on him, killing him, when she stated she didn't want to go to Hell. Although her father was dead, he was later shown alive in "Helen Keller! The Musical", telling his wife that he regrets cheating on her with another woman. She has a different set of parents in "Marjorine". In "Cartoon Wars Part I" she was shown yet again with a different set of parents and a possible sibling. Her last, again different, parents were shown at the end of "Proper Condom Use". All of these are likely continuity errors.



Heidi is seen crying and screaming "No Robby! No!" over a presumably run over dog's body in "Helen Keller! The Musical". It is most likely that Robby was her pet.


Eric Cartman


Heidi and Eric kissing

They were paired together in "Follow That Egg!". Heidi was displeased when she was paired with him. Cartman, however, did show remorse for breaking the egg and asked Mrs. Garrison to let her pass and have him fail. However, this was done for a selfish reason, as Cartman figured an A and an F would average out to a C-. Since that episode, Heidi and Cartman never interacted with each other, until in "Stunning and Brave" when Cartman called Heidi ‘clitty litter’ which may suggesting that even Heidi doesn't get along with him.

However, Heidi and Cartman developed a relationship between each other in "The Damned", showing him life outside of social media.

In "Wieners Out", the two are confirmed to be a couple.

In "Douche and a Danish", they worked together to help Denmark get up and running. They even sing a song named Let's Come Together As a School together, when the children were making danishes for the fundraiser.

In "Fort Collins", Cartman is unable to tell Heidi about his bigotry past and lies to her about an incident with Jimmy.

In "Oh, Jeez", she agrees to accompany Eric to Mars after Giant Douche wins the election.

In "Not Funny", Heidi and Cartman's has suffered a strain because Heidi is fully focused on solving the rocket problem.

At the end of Season 20, Heidi and Cartman are still together.

Butters Stotch

In "Marjorine", she was angry that Marjorine, whom was Butters in disquise, was coming to her sleepover. Heidi was the one that insulted Marjorine in the first place, although after seeing how much she had upset "her", she felt guilty and tried to cheer "her" up.

In "Members Only", Butters appears to get along with Heidi very well after he starts copying Cartman's behavior around her, much to Cartman's annoyance.

"Getting Gay With Kids"

Her earliest appearance in the show was in "Rainforest Shmainforest", as part of the Getting Gay With Kids choir, though her first appearance as a South Park resident was in the background in "Tweek vs. Craig".

The Girls

Heidi seems to be in good relations with all members of the popular girls clique. She is often paired up with one of the other girls either talking with them in the background or playing with them in the school yard (mainly Esther). When she hosted a slumber party at her house, she invited nearly all the girls in her clique.

In "Douche and a Danish", the girls are all shocked to see that Heidi is in a relationship with Cartman, Annie Knitts faints and Bebe Stevens vomits.


  • Many girls have the same hair as Heidi; Karen McCormick is an example. She is most likely used as a base model for extra background characters, excluding for her hat.
  • In "Skank Hunt", Heidi became the second female character to wear a hat, the other being Wendy.



Heidi singing and dancing in "Elementary School Musical"

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Heidi Turner appears in the girls' secret base, where she is revealed to be the two-faced bitch since the translated abortion records reveal that her mother had been to the abortion clinic. However, the girls soon forgive her since she's really sorry. She can then comment that the New Kid should stay as a girl, since it would be "so much better".


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