For the South Park Elementary student, see Heidi Turner.

Heidi is the host of her own show, Simply Heidi, and was first seen in the Season Twenty episode, "The Damned", where she had Freja Ollegard on her show as a guest.


In "The Damned", Heidi interviewed Freja Ollegard and her misfortunes with the internet troll Skankhunt42. Ollegard believed trolling has dire consequences and that ignoring them is futile. Heidi then reads some comments from her website which are generally supportive but have offensive names.


Heidi wears a teal skirt, a white shirt, and a gray sweater. She also wears pink heeled shoes, pink framed glasses, a ruby pendant, and a gold earring. She has short brown hair, styled in a bob-cut, and brown eyebrows.

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