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Heather Conduct is the head of human resources at South Park Elementary. She appears in the Season Twenty-One episode, "SUPER HARD PCness", where she is called in by Mr. Mackey to help keep the school faculty, specifically PC Principal, from showing romantic interest in their coworkers.

Almost immediately after she introduces herself during a meeting with the school staff and the human resources department, Mr. Mackey ironically develops romantic feelings towards her. After an attempt at demonstrating a healthy, platonic co-worker relationship with Mr. Mackey, Heather generates the same feelings, and the two become invested in a conversation with each other. Similarly to Mackey, Heather says "m'alright" at the end of most of her sentences.


Heather behaves in a very polite and respectful manner towards everyone she meets. She tries her best to meet the standards of human resources when it comes to maintaining purely platonic relationships with her co-workers, but then she and Mr. Mackey develop mutual feelings for one another during a demonstration that was originally aimed towards preventing that from happening.


Heather bears a striking resemblance to Mr. Mackey, sharing the same inflated head, thin limbs, and small, round hands. She wears a light gray sweater, white pants, and black shoes. She has shiny brown hair styled into a bob. She also wears small gold earrings and light pink lip gloss.


  • Her name, Ms. Conduct, is a play on the word, 'misconduct', which is her job to prevent as a member of human resources.


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