Heading North is a main quest in South Park: The Stick of Truth.

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The abortion records are written in some sort of Orcish. Travel to the kingdom to the north and get the records translated.


This is another straightforward and simple quest. Annie takes you back to the girls. The records are in French, so you need to find someone to translate. Return to the Elven Kingdom. Cartman recognizes the language from Canada and gives you a passport and the new name Larry Bobinski. You need a photo first though.

Head to Photo Dojo on the east corner of Main Street. Talk to the receptionist, who will tell you to walk in the back. He goes to take the picture but dislikes your outfit. You can either keep it on or take it off. Regardless, after two refusals, you have to take it off or take it off. He then dislikes your shirt, and again you have the choice to remove it or not, but you'll have to take it off eventually. He feels the same way about your pants, and you're given a choice for the third time. 

Finally, he tells you the underwear won't work either. Before you can decide to remove them, the real photographer comes out. He says the man is a pedophile and the battle begins. The pedophile has no armor and is very weak. His only attack is taking pictures of you, which doesn't hurt and can't be blocked. Once defeated, your picture is taken.

It's time to go to Canada. Enter the lost forest and, as Kyle said, head North, then North again. North... and then North. You'll come across a gate and a guard. Talk to the guard and he will let you into the great 8-bit nation of Canada.

Enter Ottawa and go to the palace.

The end of this multi-part quest is found in O Canada.


  • The records retrieved from the previous quest contains the phrase "Cinq femmes ont subi un avortement" (as read out by Stan), which translates from French to "Five women had an abortion".
  • One of the objectives was to retrieve a photo to complete the passport. In reality, a photo is required before a passport could even be issued.
  • List of errors on the passport:
    • The last name "Bobinski" is spelt differently ("Bobinsky") on the identification data at the bottom of the passport.
    • "Nationality", "Sex", "Authority" and "Endorsements" are not present.
    • The date of birth was 2 May 1965 which is not fitting for a fourth-grader.
    • The passport number has 10 digits, whereas most real-life US passports have only 8 or 9 digits.
    • It labels the city of Cleveland, Ohio as the place of birth, whereas US passports would only label the state.
    • On the identification data (compared to a standard US passport):
      • It does not start with "P<USA".
      • The last name is followed by a single "<" symbol instead of double.
      • A small 't' is found in the identification data instead of a capital letter.
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