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Hat McCullough is a child murderer who appears in the Season Six episode, "Free Hat". He also appears as a background character in the Season Seven episode, "I'm a Little Bit Country", the Season Eight episode "Goobacks" and the Season Twenty-One episode "White People Renovating Houses".


Hat McCullogh was initially imprisoned for murdering 23 babies in "self defense". The rednecks of South Park misunderstood the advertisement, for a literal "free hat", and petitioned the governor to release McCullough. Stan's campaign was actually meant to save films from their directors, who perform unnecessary modifications and re-release them.

His advertising sign actually promised free hats for anyone participating in his campaign, instead of an appeal to release a McCullough from jail. Hat McCullough was later released around the same time Stan's original campaign's goal was achieved, so his release was credited to the boys for their supposed campaign. On the stage, he expresses spasms of insanity, shouting, "Kill! Kill the innocent!" and "Rape the virgins!", while thanking the rednecks for their support, then asking for a baby. He gets the fearful toddler, and then performs horrid actions upon it, causing Tweek Tweak to look and shout, "Oh my God!"

He is seen again in the crowd of "I'm a Little Bit Country" as a war supporter and singing in the final celebration scene. He is later seen in the redneck meetings of "Goobacks". He later reappears as one of the protesting rednecks in "White People Renovating Houses."


Hat McCullough wears black boots, gray pants, and a blue denim shirt with green trimming. He wears a green belt, has long red hair, and red facial hair.