Harry and Elise Gintz are Ike's biological parents. They named Ike "Peter". They appeared in "It's Christmas in Canada". They took Ike away from The Broflovskis, because of the new law by the Canadian prime minister of every adopted Canadian must return home. The Canadian Prime minister was revealed to be Saddam Hussein, making the law not official. They saw how much Kyle cared about Ike, and gave him back to the Broflovskis.


Like most Canadians in South Park, they have flopping heads, square body shape, and beady eyes. Harry wears a gray suit, red tie, and blue pants. Elise wears a blue blouse and a red skirt. She also wears square, black glasses, and red lipstick.


They seem uncaring, blindly following Canadian law in "It's Christmas in Canada", despite witnessing how traumatic it was for the Broflovskis to be separated from Ike. Despite this, they seem to be somewhat protective of Ike.


Ike Broflovski

They are Ike's birth parents. They temporarily took Ike back to Canada in "It's Christmas in Canada", later returning him to the Broflovskis.


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