Harrison Moore is a CNN news reporter that appears in Season Eight episode "Goobacks".


During a news report of a man from the future, news reported Harrison Moore who was stationed next to the time portal explained the rules of time travel which was similar to those of Terminator (one-way only), reporting that the man was here to stay. Later, he witnessed another man coming back into the past, reporting that the first man's family is much better off, triggering the second to do the same for his own family.

Harrison then covered the protests that took place in response to the future immigrants taking over the residents' jobs, evolving into several men piling on and having sex with one another, in an attempt to turn everyone gay and decrease the future population. During an interview with Randy Marsh, Randy explained that they are taking the matters into their own hands and are trying as hard as they could. However, as Harrison requested comments from Stan, the latter suggested that the present should try to make the future better so that people from the future would not have to come back to the past.


Harrison Moore wears a black business suit over a blue collared shirt with a blue/black striped tie. He carries an earphone set on his left ear while reporting.


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