Harbucks is a coffee shop franchise that opened a South Park branch in the episode, "Gnomes". It also appeared briefly in "Over Logging", when everyone tried to get internet. Despite its status as a corporation, their coffee is very good. Its name is a parody of Starbucks.

In "Gnomes", it was depicted red with large yellow letters reading "HARBUCKS COFFEE" in all capitals. Above was a roof cafe and between was a grand opening banner. However, in "Over Logging", the red is replaced by a dark green color and the green bar above the door was removed. They have some sort of Camel as a mascot (possibly a joke on Camel cigarettes), since the owner used a suit of one to try to push coffee on children.


In "Gnomes", a Harbucks Coffee branch was set up in South Park. The company offered to buy out Tweek Bros. Coffeehouse, but when they refused, Harbucks resorted to opening their coffee shop right next to it and threatened their business. Eventually, they settled peacefully and Richard Tweak became the branch's owner. Later, it became an internet hotspot, as seen in "Over Logging".

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