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"Happy Holiday" redirects here. For the song featured in "Christmas Snow", see The Holiday Season.

"Happy Holiday" is a Christmas song sung by Charlie Manson in the Season Two episode, "Merry Christmas Charlie Manson!".


When Charlie Manson breaks out of prison with Howard Cartman, they spend Christmas with the Cartman Family in Nebraska. Manson sings this song as he is being arrested.


Charlie Manson:
Holidays are that special time
When we laugh and sing and feel warm and cozy
Forget about being angry for a day [picks Elvin up]
Remember how it felt to be a child
Opening presents on Christmas mornin'
That's the way that we should all feel now
So I say Happy happy happy happy holy happy happy happy

Happy happy happy happy holy happy happy happy

Charlie Manson:
Happy Kwanzaa, too
From me to you!

Happy Holidays, you guys.

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