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Episode no. Season 18
Episode 10
Original airdate December 10, 2014
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"#HappyHolograms" is the tenth episode of Season Eighteen, and the 257th overall episode of South Park. It airs on December 10, 2014[1].

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Still burning over Ike calling him a Grandpa, Kyle teams up with some heavy hitters in the entertainment industry to create the most extravagant televised Holiday Spectacular ever. He’s sure that this event will be just the thing to bring families together again. Meanwhile, multiple holograms are still on the loose in South Park.


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Story Elements

PewDiePie • Women of Rock Live • The Wendy Williams ShowMichael Jackson HologramTupac Shakur HologramRecord ProducerBuca De FaggonciniPepsi Center • Syntec Hologram Company • CartmanBrahLorde • Nicki Minaj • Iggy AzaleaWendy Williams




South Park: The Complete Eighteenth Season

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