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Timmy picking up the Stotch's.

Handi Car is a business founded by Timmy Burch in the Season Eighteen episode, "Handicar".


Timmy uses his electric wheelchair as a transportation service for the townsfolk of South Park. The business is really a fundraising operation for the handicapped summer camp at Lake Tardicaca. The Handi Car uses a smartphone app for pick-up and delivery anytime of day or night. The wheelchair is connected to Lil' Zipper red wagon. The wagon has a small table, two chairs, and a candle for romantic travel.

Handicar Drivers

A few of the towns citizens take up jobs with Handi Car. These include; Actor Matthew McConaughey, Stephen Stotch and Timmy's rival Nathan who joined in order to sabotage his business.

Wacky Races

Handi Car was in competition with other vehicles in the return of Wacky Races.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

A similar transportation vehicle was utilized in the video game The Stick of Truth. It was called the Timmy Express, although this name was never mentioned in the "Handicar" episode.