Haman is a former 5th Century BC Persian anti-Semitic chief official in the Ancient Persian Empire who tried to annhilate the Jews and failed. Past his death he became a religious figure in the South Park universe who appeared as the secondary antagonist in the Season Three episode, "Jewbilee", where he is seen worshiped by the anti-Semitic sect of Judaism.


Garth, a worshiper of Haman, introduces himself to the elders of the Jew Scouts as a representative of anti-Semitic Judaism. The elders eventually dismiss Garth because he suggests following Haman instead of Moses. Meanwhile, Kenny McCormick is sent away by Moses for not being Jewish.

Shortly after, all Jew scouts are taken hostage by Garth, who plans to trap Moses and free Haman. Kenny becomes aware of his plan and decides to take action, however, he is taken away by a bear. The bear brings him to a cave, where she also took all squirts, younger Jew scouts, for her cub's birthday.

Kenny and the squirts head back to the camp to free the Jew scouts and elders. Kenny sacrifices himself by smashing his head on the shell Moses is trapped in. When Moses is freed, he destroys Haman and Garth.


Haman appears as a black cloud with a glowing pair of red eyes and tentacles. His voice is similar to that of God, deep and powerful.


Haman is a character mentioned in the Bible's Book of Esther. He was the Prime Minister of Persia (now Iran) who served under a ruler called "Achashverosh" in Hebrew, believed to be the historic Xerxes.


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