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The Hallway Monitor Boss is a boss in South Park: The Stick of Truth.


The Hallway Monitor Boss has flat top red hair, bright skin and freckles covering his face like all the gingers do. He also has an armored uniform with a silver badge and a strap the has HALL MONITOR on it. He is taller than the 4th graders.

South Park: The Stick of Truth[]

The Hallway Monitor Boss is the captain of the South Park hall patrol. He appears in the quest Detention Sentence. He encounters the player as soon as they attempt to use the gold key on the cafeteria door to release Craig and the other students in detention.

He fights strong battles and he will call your parents. Watch out for him.

In the end, he is defeated and killed.


The first thing this boss will do is call on two other hallway monitors for backup. He will then yell and increase the attack of himself and the hallway monitor in his column. It is important to take out the backup first before you focus on him as they can get in the way. The rest of the fight after that is not too hard if you can just block his attacks and take him out quickly before he can ring your parents. The attacks he will perform go in the following order.

  • Melee Attack - The Hallway Monitor Boss will run up to you and attempt to hit you with his weapon. This can easily be blocked and counter-attacked.
  • No Hall Pass, No Mercy - The Hallway Monitor Boss performs this attack after channeling for one turn. When activated, he goes up to party and swings his weapon around once, hitting both team members. This attack causes bleeding if not blocked so it is important to do so.
  • He's Calling Your Parents! - This attack will end the fight so you must defeat the Hallway Monitor Boss before he gets a chance to activate it. It will channel for two turns. On the first turn, the phone will start to ring and on the second turn, the boss calls your parents, you will get grounded and the battle is lost, resulting in an instant Game Over. It should not be too hard to prevent this from happening, however.


  • Beating this boss while wearing freckles can earn you the achievement "Day Walker."
  • You can find the key to his locker when looting him and open it. There, you will be able to obtain the Mace of Restoration.
  • In the game files, his character model is classified as a 5th grader (just like Jake).