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"Guitar Queer-O"
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Episode no. Season 11
Episode 13
Production no. 1113
Original airdate November 7, 2007
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"Imaginationland, Episode III" "The List"
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"Guitar Queer-O" is the thirteenth episode of Season Eleven, and the 166th overall episode of South Park. It aired on November 7, 2007.[1]


Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski are hooked on Guitar Hero. Unfortunately, Stan's superior skills on the video game damage his friendship with Kyle.[1]


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Plot details follow.

At Stan's house, Stan and Kyle are both playing "Carry On Wayward Son" in Guitar Hero in Co-Op Mode, to the enthusiasm of other male fourth grade students viewing. Randy sees this and asks Sharon what are the boys are doing, she informs him about the game they're playing. Stan and Kyle finish the song, proud with the crowd cheering in the game. Randy goes to them and demonstrates the song with his electric guitar. He tells them that he can play most of the songs on a real guitar, and suggests that they learn, but is then shunned by them, who think that using real guitars is old-fashioned.

Later at night, Randy goes downstairs and tries to attempt playing Guitar Hero himself but does appallingly badly in the beginning verse, causing his rock meter to go down to zero and giving him a game over screen with "Gamer Over, You Suck!" flashes up on the screen. He gives up miserably.

The next day, Stan and Kyle are playing a different song with the boys watching over again. They both managed to reach 100,000 points individually, which they consider themselves to be rock stars now. But Randy tries to tell them they aren't, "It's just a stupid plastic controller!", while drunk. Suddenly, the doorbell rings and Stan answers it, only to see a tall man named Charles Kincade of the Kincade Talent Agency, who is impressed with him reaching 100,000 points in-game. He asks if they want to reach a million points, he wants to be Stan and Kyle's manager, they gladly agree to this and Charles sends their performance to the manager of the agency. The manager is impressed at upon hearing how well did Stan and Kyle done and signs them to a one-year contract. He also invites them to a celebrity party later at his mansion, calling both his new artists.

At the party, the boys encounter a big number of local celebrities (including Ron Zappolo, Jake Jabs, Jay Cutler, and Tom Shane) who they all congratulate the boys upon hearing their greatest achievement as their manager explains that the two of them are willing to break one million points. Kyle and Stan both excite themselves thinking everything will be amazing to them.

The next day, Stan and Kyle are practicing "Cherry Pie". After finishing a song, Charles tells Kyle that there is a controller that might work better for him in his car and sends Kyle with his assistant to find it. With Kyle gone, Charles confesses Stan that he is better off working with different players, in which Kyle is dragging him down. Stan reluctantly agrees, realizing he does not want to throw his chance of a million points away for his friend's feelings, they both bought the game together and played ever since. They visit Café Monet, where Charles introduces Stan to Thad Jarvis, an expert to Guitar Hero who has backed up to many people who had played and plays music with only a controller, not even plugged in. Thad proves it to Stan and plays "Jordan" and "John the Fisherman" on Expert Level, everyone in the cafe claps along with the rhythm at his performance.

At his house, Stan practices with Thad but Kyle walks in and learns what is happening. Both of them argue but Stan tells him he could not break one million points playing with Kyle who says he did not know it was "just about the points" and leaves. Stan and Thad return to practicing.

Stan goes to the games store where he bought Guitar Hero and tries to purchase some game guides to help him play in front of everyone, but the shop assistant tells him he should get Heroin Hero to relive his stress: the game has no score or time limit, it only makes the player just chase a pink dragon around but you never ever catch it while virtually shooting at it. Stan gives the game a try, which he believes to be awesome.

At a practice in the video arcade, Stan and Thad practice, "I Wanna Be Sedated". Stan begins to miss too many notes and Thad questions if he has been practicing. Stan insists he did and begs he wants to play "Surrender" instead. Thad replies to this that he would not play the song at all, and after Stan yells he is in charge, Thad quits playing with him. Charles then finds across Heroin Hero in Stan's bag and lectures Stan about it to stop playing this nuisance and he needs to pull his act together to break those points and unlock Superstardom Solo.

Meanwhile, at the bowling alley, Kyle is playing "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" in Guitar Hero on his own all day. He stops playing after two boys ask him why he is not playing with his game system anymore. Mick the barman offers Kyle a job and plays some Guitar Hero on the weekends, just to cheer up Kyle.

Charles arrives at Stan's door, in the day where Stan plays to break one million at the arcade, but he has fell asleep playing Heroin Hero. To make him snap out of it, Charles ends up dragging Stan out to the arcade. His friends, his manager and other people come around to see him play "Pretty Vacant". But due to his "addiction", and without Kyle, Stan fails. Everyone leaves him with the crowd in the game jeering at him as he falls asleep.

Stan returns to the games store and is offered Rehab Hero which is vice versa of Heroin Hero, but Stan turns it down and wants a calm racing game named Cross Country Cruiser. While playing his racing game, Stan overhears a song on the radio which the announcer notes is the song played by Stan and Kyle on Guitar Hero and that they both seem to have given up playing together. Stan gets a vision of Kyle while the song plays, he stops to think for a brief moment, and goes on reverse to his car on the game and drives out fast.

Stan visits Kyle, who is playing "I Remember You" at the bowling alley. Stan tells him that he did improve more and manages to admit he needs to play with Kyle instead. Nic tells him he should go and play with Stan instead of playing there. They both decide to get one million points at Stan's house, but Randy's playing Heroin Hero alone, which Stan turns the game off. Which Randy starts screaming and tries to force his son to turn it back on. Stan calls Sharon to get Randy out of the living room.

Butters rushes over to the basketball court where the boys are playing basketball and tells them that Stan and Kyle are going to try and reach one million points in game again. The boys rush over and witness Stan and Kyle playing "Woman" while they both reach one million, they suddenly did it. But then "YOU ARE FAGS" flashes up on the screen. Both of them are distraught and give up, walking off outside. Cartman and Butters decide to play the game, with Butters saying he wants to be the one to betray Cartman after the sex and drugs party. He agrees and they both play while the end credits roll.


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