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Guitar Hero is a music rhythm video game that is featured in the Season Eleven episode "Guitar Queer-O".


Stan and Kyle are known to play Guitar Hero together. When they achieved 100,000 points, they are approached by Charles Kincade, who offers to be their manager, hoping that they could reach 1 million points. Both Stan and Kyle agreed, signing a one-year contract with Kincade.

However, Kincade confesses to Stan that he would be better off with other players instead of Kyle and introduces him to Thad Jarvis as a replacement, angering Kyle. Stan soon submits to stress and consequently becomes addicted to Heroin Hero, drastically affecting his performance on Guitar Hero.

Stan later recovers and reconciles with Kyle, returning to the game at the former's house. Both Stan and Kyle finally breaks the 1 million point-mark, but receives the message "YOU ARE FAGS" on the screen, much to their dismay.