The guinea creatures first appeared in "Pandemic", and "Pandemic 2: The Startling".


The Giant Guineas Creatures are from Peru where the sound of pan flute bands subdued them. When all of the pan flute bands were sent to internment camps by the US government the guineas went on a rampage. They destroyed South Park and killed many people, and everyone was terrified of them. Randy Marsh wanted to film them to get good footage of the family, and Sharon Marsh was put off and was demanding him to turn off the camera.


Guinea Creatures are shown to be able to reach a higher level of intelligence, even sentience, as the Guinea Pirate does. The Guinea creatures can also morph into other creatures, such as how the Guinea Pirate morphs into a human and infiltrates the American Government. Guinea Creatures can possibly overcome their weakness of Peruvian flute bands if they are smart enough, as the Guinea Pirate does. He is the only known Guinea Creature to successfully leave The Guinea Creatures Home and live in a place where Peruvian flute bands were.

Types of Guinea Creatures

There were many guinea creatures shown and mentioned in the episode, "Pandemic 2: The Startling", including:

  • Giant Guinea Pigs
  • Guinea Bees
  • Guinea Rabbits
  • Guinea Spiders (only mentioned)
  • Guinea Rats
  • Guinea Bears (only mentioned)
  • Guinea Panthers (only mentioned)
  • Guinea-saurus Rex
  • Guinea Pirate
  • Guinea Prisoner. As the Guinea Prisoner was actually the Guinea Pirate, this makes them one and the same.

As for the guinea pigs, their only weakness were the Peruvian flute bands, which the government got rid of. The Peruvian flute bands then came back and got rid of the guinea creatures.

Craig Tucker was the only citizen from South Park that could destroy the guinea creatures, as shown on a wall that The Boys saw in Peru.


  • Guinea pigs are raised and eaten in Peru and other countries within South America as a cheap source of meat.
  • The creators found a website dedicated to selling guinea pig costumes so the 'creatures' seen in the show were only possible from those costumes available from the site.
  • In the commentary Matt and Trey expressed difficulty filming the live action guinea pigs in costume as guinea pigs have a defense mechanism where they will freeze their whole body and move little to none.
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