Gregory transferred to South Park from Yardale, where he had a 4.0 grade point average. As of yet, Gregory has only appeared in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.


Gregory, who is portrayed with both a British accent and stereotypical traits of the English, has caught Wendy Testaburger's romantic attention. She denies this to Stan Marsh, later, implying that her feelings for Gregory were merely a strong admiration.


Gregory has quite a singing voice as shown in the song "La Resistance".


He has thick, loosely-curly blond hair. He wears an orange blouse, brown trousers, and black gloves. For some reason, he also carries a rapier.


Though Gregory is portrayed as a smart and thoughtful young boy, he is also quite arrogant, and looks down upon the other boys. This consequently causes Wendy to say to Stan at the end of the movie: "Fuck Gregory! Fuck him right in the ear!". It is also ironic of him being friends with the Mole, because of the British and French enmity within the show.


The Boys

Although Gregory seems to take an instant disliking to the boys, because they are not very political, and can act rather childish at times, he is the one who points the boys towards "The Mole", so they can free Terrance and Phillip from Sheila's organization, Mothers Against Canada.


  • Yardale is a portmanteau of "Yale" and "Harvard".
  • His singing voice is provided by Howard McGillin in the film.


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