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Great-Great-Grandpa Marsh was the grandfather of Marvin Marsh and the great-great-grandfather of Stan Marsh. He appeared in Season One episode "Death".


His soul was summoned by The Grim Reaper to prove Marvin Marsh his suicide wish was not the right thing to do. According to his soul, he was stuck "in limbo" for all these decades ever since his grandson, Marvin (who just turned 102), killed him when he was a child, never making it to heaven nor hell because he skipped the natural passing away.

The name confusion Marvin has appeared to be genetic, as the ghost of Stan's great-great-grandfather called his grandson "Billy" instead of "Marvin". His soul was taken back by Death alongside Kenny's soul who was just killed by Death's touch.

A person similar in design to Great-Great-Grandpa Marsh can be seen among Satan's party at the beginning of "Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?" which may be an indication he was sent to Hell.


Marvin Marsh's Grandpa

A picture of Great-Great-Grandpa Marsh.

He is an elderly Caucasian male who appears somewhat thinner and taller than his other descendants.



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