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Grandma Stotch is Butters' paternal grandmother, and the mother of Stephen Stotch. She appears in the Season Sixteen episode, "Butterballs".


Nameless alter-ego[]

She created an unnamed alter-ego after she discovered Butters' alter ego, Professor Chaos who considers it "gay little costume".


Grandma Stotch has fair skin and a heavy build. She wears dark green pants, a pink shirt, a green and white hooded jacket, dark green earrings, and white shoes. She has short, white hair, and is visibly aged. She now wears a purple and orange track outfit with "GRANDMAS RULE!" printed on the shirt, teal earrings and a bracelet.


Although she seems to be compassionate around other people, Grandma Stotch enjoys tormenting Butters. In the episode "Butterballs", she physically and psychologically abuses her grandson when no other person is looking. She bullies Butters by beating him, robbing his lunch money, and gave him "gummy bears" (putting a part of his body in her toothless mouth).

Grandma Stotch appears to "change" after Butters tells her that someday she will die and he will keep living, likely making her cruelty temporary.

It also meant that she is disciplinary with her sons, proved in the video game South Park: The Fractured But Whole where she is only mentioned in a dream by Butter's father, Stephen.

Criminal Record[]

  • Child abuse: She frequently abuses and torments Butters throughout the episode, in ways such as stabbing his thigh under the table with a fork, beating him up, and giving him "gummy bears" (putting a part of his body in her toothless mouth).


  • She may be from Virginia, as Butters mentioned that one of his grandmothers lived in Virginia in "Reverse Cowgirl".
  • It is unknown if she is Butters' maternal or paternal grandmother, however, the former is more likely since she was talking to Butters' mother, Linda, about her cousin in the beginning of "Butterballs". However, Fractured But Whole implies she's really Stephen's mother, as he's pleading to his mother in a dream, though this could also be due to her being a controlling in-law, or about a different abusive mother.
  • She may have suffered a stroke in "Freak Strike" as during the episode Stephen tells Butters that one of his grandmothers had a stroke from seeing him on Maury Povich with balls on his chin.
  • Her voice actress is unconfirmed, credited as 'Donna Dooby' but this is likely a pseudonym.



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