The Goo Man is a character who appeared in the Season Twenty-Three episode "Let Them Eat Goo".


The Goo Man wears a brown western hat and has black hair along with black eyelashes. He has a mustache that matches the color of his hair and eyebrows. He wears a black suit along with a raisin Arizona colored shirt. He wears gray pants along with brown boots.


The Goo Man's name is completely unknown. He is the founder of a company named "Incredible Meat" a company that supplies plant-based food to schools and other businesses. He was called by PC Principal to help with South Park Elementary's controversy over their menu. According to him, his company transforms plants into goo and hence his name "Goo Man" was created. He owns multiple factories across the country and has trucks filled with Goo.

He tries to make other businesses in South Park to partner up with him into selling plant-based meats. He first goes to City Wok and tries to convince Tuong Lu Kim into selling his meats, promising to upgrade the restaurant's beefs into "incredible beefs", before realizing the existence of Tegridy Burger and leaves the restaurant without a deal. He manages to associate his company with Burger King as Rick is his "regional manager".


  • The Goo Man, is a reference spoofing Daniel Day-Lewis' character of Daniel Plainview, from the 2007 film There Will Be Blood.
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