Goin' down to south park

Goin' Down to South Park is a mockumentary which covers the making of the show South Park in a fictional fashion. It first aired on Comedy Central on May 3, 1999. It is also included as a special feature on South Park: The Complete Second Season. The mockumentary is named after core lyrics in the South Park Theme.

In the documentary, the creators pretend to be lazy and irritating people who thrive exclusively off of the money from the show, spoofing other documentaries about similar shows. The documentary consistently refers to Trey Parker and Matt Stone as "kids" even though they are actually adults. Trey and Matt spend the entire documentary in a hot tub with Martin Cendreda, one of the show's animators.

Though the majority of the program is tongue-in-cheek, certain truths are interwoven amongst the humor, including the pair’s origins in film college. The making of the pilot is also briefly discussed.

Also explained is how the creators got Isaac Hayes to play Chef, including an interview from him reminiscing about when he was signed for the series. Matt and Trey explain that despite their assumptions that he was clear about the show, in fact he didn't know anything about the cartoon or much of what he was required to do. On the fly, when he discovered what they were making, he was originally thinking of leaving but changed his mind so he could see what Trey and Matt could do. The documentary goes further to say that Isaac was worried about getting sued for the Chocolate Salty Balls song. The creators joke in-cheek that one person confronted them in anger that they had made a song about genitalia, their response was apparently being appalled at this and asserting it was truly about a chocolate treat.

They later comment on the excessive merchandise that was born out of South Park; incidentally this was also the inspiration for the character of Towelie.

The worldwide influence of South Park is discussed, including the fact that the viewership ratings in the United Kingdom rivals that of the US.

Management of their own offensive humour, including reducing cursing in the show in order for it to be aired on television, is also discussed with the creators musing that this forces better writing out of them. Some of the heavy criticism they have received is also discussed and parodied.

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