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God is a supernatural celestial being and the father of Jesus. He first appeared in the Season Three episode, "Are You There God? It's Me, Jesus".


Jesus sought him out in order to make an appearance during the New Year's Eve millennium party. Everyone in town was expecting Jesus to do something special for the occasion, however, God refused to make an appearance on Earth. This left Jesus to decide to do something else for the millennium, as he desired to be liked by the populace once more.

However, things soon go awry and people prepare to crucify Jesus, again, and it is during this moment that Jesus realizes he shouldn't be so dependent on God to make him popular. Just then, God appears and decides to go through the millennium event with his son. He chooses to allow humanity to ask one question of him, however, the question is stolen by Stan Marsh. He then leaves and promises to return in the year 4000.

In "Probably", a desperate Satan seeks God's aid in getting rid of Saddam Hussein, however, he verbally berates the devil for not being able to deal with his own affairs. God then tells Satan that he should break up with both Saddam and Chris and appreciate himself more before getting in a relationship.

In "Imaginationland, Episode III", an imaginary version of God is mentioned by Superman.


God's personality draws a parallel between how many people and religions in the real world would perceive God. God is extremely wise, soft-spoken and all-knowing. It is extremely rare that he shows himself to people or, let alone, communicate with them in any way.


He is shown to be a short-legged squirrel, elephant, cat, hippopotamus tetra-morph with an extendable, reptile-like tongue. However, He claims that this is merely how humans perceive him, so his true form is unknown. He speaks with a deep, calm voice.


  • It is implied that God struck Cartman with lightning for taunting him when his HUMANCENTiPAD was taken away in "HUMANCENTiPAD".
  • Parker and Stone have said that their design of God is basically the idea of "What would God appear as to mess with people's minds?"


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