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The Goat People are a group of anthropomorphic alien goat characters who made their only appearance in the Season Five episode "Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow".


In order to get Terrance and Phillip back together, the boys put together a documentary video showing their history together. One of the things that is shown off is a Saturday morning cartoon starring Terrance and Phillip called Terrance and Phillip and the Land of the Goat People. The group of Goat People shows up to confront them, with their leader telling them that he has seen nearly his entire species get wiped out by their gas, which Terrance and Phillip laugh at. The Goat People continue talking to them as the commentary goes on. Only the leader has a speaking role.


The Goat People are goats that stand on two legs. While their body shape appears the same between all of them, they have differently colored fur, such as greens, browns, and the leader having yellow-ish fur. They all wear gray vests and gray underwear. The leader's vest appears to have visible nipples on it and he has a long white goatee.