"Go Strong Woman, Go" is a montage song that is featured in the Season Twenty-Three episode "Board Girls".


This song plays during a montage of Strong Woman and trans athlete Heather Swanson competing in the events at the 6th Annual Strong Woman Competition while Eric Cartman and his tabletop gaming friends play tabletop games with some of the girls in the 4th grade class.

A reprise of the song is sung at the end of the episode when Heather competes against the "Board Girls" in several matches in tabletop games. She ends up losing against them and is upset because the girls had memorized all the rule books.


  • The reprise of the song name-drops several tabletop gaming YouTubers, including Becca Scott, who would later go on to voice Sophie Gray in "Basic Cable".


Rising to the top
Push it to the edge
Give it all you got
Barely break a sweat
Strong Woman!
Strong Woman!
Strong! Woman!

Yeah, she's got speed
She's got the moves
She's got the muscle and a whole lot to prove
Strong Woman!
Strong Woman!
Strong! Woman!

Hey, you
Go Strong Woman, go
Hey, you
Your time is now
Whatcha gonna do?

Pedal to the metal
Find another gear
She takes what she wants
Nothing left to fear
Strong Woman!
Strong Woman!

Now, hey girl
You're the best in the world
And hey, hon
Don't look now
But you just won

Strong Woman
Strong Woman
Strong Woman
Strong Woman
Strong Woman
Strong Woman
Strong Woman


Tabletop bloodbath
Nothing left to say
Your moment is here
Time to make 'em pay
Strong Woman!
Strong Woman!
Strong! Woman!

Smoke the competition
Show 'em what you got
All your painted miniatures are really paying off
Strong Woman!
Strong Woman!
Strong! Woman!

Hey, wow
Who's the Strong Woman now?
And hey, you
Thought you were the best
But now you're about to lose
To the Board Girls
They got the moves
They pummeled you at "Alchemists"
And kicked your ass at "Carcosonne"
Board Girls
They know all the rules
They watch Rodney Smith, Tom Vasel, and Becca Scott

Hey, cool
They made you look a fool
And hey, sweet
Take a step down
You just got beat
By the Board Girls

Strong! Woman!

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