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Gladiator Lil' Minis Children's Condoms are first seen in the Season Five episode, "Proper Condom Use".


The boys at South Park Elementary buy these, believing they must wear them at all times or else they will catch a disease, regardless of activity.

Butters Stotch is the first to attempt to wear one. He notes it to be "all gooey" and sticky. Misusing it, Butters is forced to use a rubber band to keep the condom in place.

Back in class, all of the boys have put on their condoms. Kyle Broflovski complains that he has had to change his own three times, due to itchiness. Cartman uses his condom to urinate in, replacing it when it fills up. When Mr. Mackey returns to the class, he instructs the boys that condoms are only useful during sexual activity, much to the surprise of the boys.


  • There are no known real-life examples of condoms marketed to elementary-aged kids.
  • The name Gladiator is an allusion to Trojan, a prominent condom brand sold in the U.S.