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GingerKids (3)

Cartman giving his presentation about Gingervitus

Gingervitus is a made up disease discovered by Eric Cartman in the Season Nine episode, "Ginger Kids". According to Cartman which is when a kid is born with very light skin, freckles, and red hair. It occurs because Gingers have no souls.


Cartman gives a speech to the class about Ginger Kids and how they are affected by Gingervitus. It is apparently uncurable. Kyle Broflovski sees it as a hate speech and disagrees out loud to Cartman, saying that he is not affected by Gingervitus even though he has red hair, which Cartman then explains about "Daywalkers", people with red hair but no light skin or freckles, like Kyle himself. Like most things Cartman tries to make others believe, Kyle has a somewhat more logical disagreement to his opinion. But it does not work, as kids like Craig and his gang show prejudice against anyone who is a Ginger.




On January 14, 2010, Michael Kittrell, better known as CopperCab, released a YouTube video titled "GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS!!" in response to the episode, explaining South Park's view on Gingers, and how he was constantly mocked for being so. This video was later parodied by South Park Studios themselves, featuring Cartman as his Ginger-looking self-copying what was said by CopperCab as part of a promotion for Season Fourteen.