The Ginger Separatist Movement is a Nazi-esque organization that was created by Eric Cartman to promote Ginger supremacy. It first appeared in the Season Nine episode, "Ginger Kids". They were later brought back by Scott Tenorman in "200" and "201", where it is found that they are enemies with the "Super Best Friends". Several children are seen in "Butterballs", during Stan's anti-bullying video.



Gingers on the SP-site

After Eric Cartman presents a speech that spoke out against Ginger Kids (kids with red hair, light skin, and freckles), Kyle, Stan, and Kenny dye Cartman's hair red, bleach his skin a lighter hue, and give him henna freckles, to make him appear "ginger". As a result, Cartman was forced to suffer from the same bigotry that he was promoting, with the boys hoping that he would learn a lesson as a result. Cartman however refusing to admit to his own bigotry and mistakes, instead shifts the blame on to the rest of society, feeling that their dislike of Gingers should not apply to him.

As a result, Cartman assembles all the ginger students and becomes a leader of the "Ginger Separatist Movement", a group initially claiming that it wants equality. However, Cartman's movement quickly becomes violent and Nazistic in tone, as Cartman claims that the only way to fight hatred, is with more hatred. Their first act involves savagely beating an actress for playing the role of ginger Annie Warbucks in the musical "Annie" but not being ginger herself. Cartman's group continues to grow in size and Cartman himself begins to preach that gingers are, in fact, the "chosen race", and orders the eradication of all non-gingers from the Earth.

Following Cartman's orders, the gingers abduct as many of South Park's children as they can ritualistically murder them. However, when Cartman realizes that his Ginger appearance is not real but rather a trick, he knows that if his followers find out, they will kill him and flip-flops his position and quickly tells his followers that he has suddenly had an epiphany, and now realizes that everybody has to get along or else be as bad as the people who persecuted them (ironically, they had already gone far beyond everyone else's level of intolerance). The gingers are initially suspicious of Cartman's change of opinion, but Cartman appeases them by singing "Hands in Hand". The gingers begin to free the other children, all of who join in on the singing.

New Ginger Extremist Group (200/201)

In the episode "200", a group of Gingers similar to the Ginger Separatist Movement assembles in the Sunset Ballroom at the Airport Hilton, continuing Cartman's extremist approaches towards Ginger Pride. This time, when they learn that the celebrities who have been insulted in South Park want to get Muhammad so they won't get ridiculed anymore, the Ginger decide they want it. After killing Jared Fogle & Phil Collins in a car bomb, they make their formal demand that Muhammad be given to them or that they will destroy South Park with the assorted other bombs set around the city.

In "201", it is revealed the revival of the new Ginger group was created and led by Cartman's nemesis Scott Tenorman, who was using the group to get at Cartman. After spending years in a mental asylum, during which Scott learned everything about Cartman, he discovered who Cartman's biological father was. It turned out Cartman's father was one of the Denver Broncos, and also Scott's father (Jack Tenorman) as well, making Cartman Scott's half-brother, himself half-Ginger and a "Daywalker".


Eric Cartman


Eric Cartman

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Cartman was the founder and first leader of the group, originally considered fake ginger until it turned out to be a half-ginger "Daywalker". Cartman wears a red jacket, brown pants, yellow gloves, and black shoes, he also wears a blue hat with a yellow puffball on top.

Scott Tenorman


Scott Tenorman

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He is Cartman's half brother and second and current leader. Like Cartman, Scott is a Daywalker as he does not issue with the sun like other Gingers.

Gordon Stoltski


Gordon Stoltski

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Gordon was a member of the group until he was killed in the episode "Dances with Smurfs". Gordon wore a white shirt with red details and the word "Robot Warriors" on it. Dark blue pants and black shoes.

Gary Nelson


Gary Nelson

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Gary was a member of the group until he was killed in "South Park: The Stick of Truth" by The New Kid. Gary wore a blue short-sleeved shirt, gray pants, and black shoes.

The Foley Kids


The Foley Kids

The Foley Kids are three brothers who are part of the group. The older brother wears a red jacket with a right side pocket, gray pants, and black shoes. The second oldest wears a dark blue sweater, green pants, and black shoes. The youngest wears a pink shirt over a purple vest, purple skirt, and black shoes.


  • Promotional videos for Season Fourteen show Cartman once again in Ginger Make-up, screaming at a video camera about ginger rights and that they do so have souls, before making assorted insane noises at the camera. This was a parody of the viral video "GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS!!!" by the YouTube user "CopperCab" who blamed South Park for gingers being targeted over the last 5 years.
  • In the video game South Park: The Stick of Truth, Ginger kids appear as hall monitors, who you have to fight to rescue Craig from detention. During the beta stages and promotional images, Ginger Kids appear as a whole faction. It's possible the Ginger Separatist Movement was going to be brought back, but they got scrapped.
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