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This page contains trivia for "Ginger Cow". Remember, trivia must be factual, provable, and it is always best to cite your source for not-so-obvious trivia. If you would like to dispute a trivia point, please discuss it in the article comments.


  • The French newspaper featuring the picture of Cartman and the Cow translates to "A young chubby boy from Colorado, United States, found a ginger cow Sunday. He was walking through a pasture when he stumbled upon it. Authorities are perplexed about who owns it or where it came from. All the town of South Park is astonished with the discovery. More news after the break."
  • The website, appearing on the screen, is a parody of the original website.
  • The Persian news anchor seems to be an animated version of Reza Hosseinzaadeh, an actual news anchor on IRIB's Channel 1.
  • One of the Japanese news anchors commit suicide by splitting his guts open and having a co-worker decapitate him. This is known as Seppuku, a Japanese ritual of committing suicide by splitting your stomach open and ripping the organs, and (depending on the choice of the person committing suicide) can involve decapitation.
  • On the Japanese news program, the Japanese text reads "NHK Sekai no Nyuusu" or NHK World News. NHK (Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai) is the national public broadcasting organization of Japan.
  • Kenny is seen holding an iPhone, although his family's financial state isn't very good. This might be because he is holding it for somebody else or his family could afford one.
  • The rabbis speak English, yet Mr. Mackey and Principal Victoria think they're speaking Hebrew. A similar gag happens in”Prehistoric Ice Man”.

References to Popular Culture

  • The red heifer is part of real religious prophecy. Some believe that the sacrifice of a red heifer will bring about the inauguration of the Third Temple and the end times.
  • The rock band Van Halen played to an audience in Jerusalem, Israel. Songs heard were "Aint Talkin' 'bout Love" and "Hot for Teacher".
    • In the creator commentary, Trey and Matt mention that they were surprised that they were able to license both songs for the episode, as it usually take months to clear and it was quite expensive to do so.
  • Van Halen vocalist David Lee Roth stopped by the South Park Studios after calling Trey Parker for advice and the visit inspired his inclusion into this episode.
  • Kyle compares his eating Cartman's farts to Ghandi, referring to the Indian civil rights activist who was known for employing nonviolent techniques in hopes of bringing peace and change to the country and world.



  • The French newspaper article about Cartman finding the ginger cow is poorly translated. Most notably, there are no accents used, and gingembre is used, a word which only refers to the spice ginger. Red hair is called rousse in French.
  • While Al Aziz seems to be a parody of the Aljazeera Network (a Qatari broadcaster), the staff speak Persian and the next scene jumps to what appears to be a parody of Channel 4, one of the 16 national channels of the official Iranian broadcaster, IRIB.
  • NHK News usually refer to news coverage of events outside of Japan as 国際ニュース(Kokusai nyuusu or "International News") instead of 世界のニュース (Sekai no nyuusu or "World News").
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