Get Cable Company is the cable TV service provider seen in the Season Seventeen episode, "Informative Murder Porn". The Get Cable company's logo is similar to that of Time Warner Cable[1] current logo and Ubisoft 2003-2017 logo. At one point, "Time Warner Cable" appears on a cable guy's shirt. As this is a satirical representation of the real world business, the name of the company was never mentioned, using a generic name instead.

In "Basic Cable" it is revealed that this company was renamed: "Park County Cable".


The parents of South Park become dependent to exclusive TV shows on the Get Cable networks depicting excessive sex and violent murder. The boys, with the other children, become concerned if their parents will act out the graphic scenes in real life and petition the cable company to block the shows. The parents petition the company to get their cable TV shows back. Both times the employees seem ineffective to help and rub their nipples while complaining they can do nothing to help.

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