Geoff Hamill is president of Vagisil products who made his first, and only appearance to date in "Poor and Stupid".


Geoff created Vagisil for his wife Patty, whom he embarrasses in public, by telling everyone about her poor hygiene. After seeing Eric Cartman, who made himself stupid by eating Vagisil and stealing a NASCAR to race, hires him to drive his stock car in the next NASCAR race for promotional purposes.


Geoff wears a grey/blue suit, red sweater, and a white formal shirt with a black tie. He has a short, gray beard, no mustache, and combed black hair.


Patty HamillEdit

Patty is Geoff Hamill's belittled wife. Because of all of the unwitting verbal abuse her husband has put upon her, she leaves him by stealing Jimmie Johnson's stock-car and as a result, beats Cartman in the race. This causes Geoff to breakdown and cry for all the lost publicity of his product.


  • Vagisil was, in reality, founded by Ivan Combe; While Vagisil is a real product, Geoff Hamill is entirely fictional.


  • Geoff Hamill: "Young man, your NASCAR stunt has brought a lot of attention to Vagisil and honestly, I don't know how to thank you."
  • Geoff Hamill:" "Vagisil is very excited to be a part of the NASCAR phenomenon, Chris. You know, I first created Vagisil to try and help my wife, Patty. She is my Muse, my flame. Wherever Patty goes her smile lights up the room. Her vagina, on the other hand, clears the room and makes it uninhabitable for weeks.


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