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General Tso is a Chinese general who appeared in the Season Sixteen episode, "Obama Wins!".


In "Obama Wins!", he helped ensure Barack Obama's re-election, with help from Eric Cartman, in return for gaining the rights to Star Wars from Disney. His name is a reference to General Tso's chicken, a popular Chinese dish in North America, which becomes a running gag in the episode, "Obama Wins!".


General Tso wears a Chinese military uniform, consisting of a dark green jacket with ribbons and his rank, dark green pants, a light green shirt, a tie, and a dark green Chinese army hat. He has stereotypical characteristics of an Asian seen in the series such as small eyes (Though they appear open while many other Asians have completely close eyes) with crow's feet due to an exaggerated epicanthic fold. He appears to be old with graying hair, other than that he appears normal.


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