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General Revaur is a General of the United States Armed Forces. He first appeared in the Season Seventeen episode, "World War Zimmerman". He later appeared prominently during Season Twenty, as one of the Generals advising the newly elected President Garrison at the Pentagon.


In "World War Zimmerman", Eric Cartman has hijacked an airplane thinking there were massive outbreaks of riots and chaos. Assessing the situation from air traffic control, General Revaur reviews Cartman's survival guide, believing there to be a contagion outbreak.

Back at George Zimmerman's home, Revaur visits Zimmerman, trying to recruit him to help fight the contagion. Zimmerman notices Cartman disguised as an African American, grabs Revaur's sidearm, and shoots Cartman.

In "Members Only", Revaur introduces President Garrison to the Pentagon, and gives him military secrets, classified information, the keys to the "drone program", and the "football". He also shows him the "satellite surveillance", "extreme interrogation", and chaotic "diplomatic strategy" rooms.

Once in the diplomatic strategy room, he briefs Garrison on the situation in Denmark with the program, and suggests some military courses of action. Later, he receives a phone call from Boris Johnson and relays it to Garrison.

In "Not Funny", the situation has escalated, and Garrison orders Revaur to attack Denmark, after being coerced by Mr. Slave. Moments later, Revaur informs Garrison that bombers have been deployed. Garrison later withdraws the bombers, after being taunted by Kyle Broflovski.

In "The End of Serialization as We Know It", the situation with TrollTrace has reached a critical point, and Revaur informs Garrison of the Russian attempt to attack Denmark. A nearby NSA agent notes to Revaur and Garrison that a "hardcore" troll has launched a cyber-attack on TrollTrace. Later, after TrollTrace goes online, Revaur and another General urge Garrison to retreat into a bunker.


General Revaur wears a US Military uniform, consisting of black shoes, green pants, a light green shirt with a black tie, and a military coat. His coat is decorated with ribbons, medals, and rank insignia. He holds the rank of a 4-star General. He also wears a green military hat, with a black bill, gold trimmings, and a gold insignia.


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