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General Disarray is Professor Chaos' sidekick and the alter ego of Dougie O'Connell. He made his debut appearance in the Season Six episode, "Professor Chaos".


Dougie's note to Butters.

In the episode "Professor Chaos", Dougie O'Connell auditions to be the new fourth friend of the main characters. He fails and decides that he is an outcast. After discovering Butters' secret alter-ego, Professor Chaos, he requests to join Butters in his attempts at world demolition. Butters agrees, and dubs Dougie, "General Disarray". Their plots of flooding the world with a garden hose, and then destroying the ozone layer with cans of aerosol spray ultimately fail. Butters then tries to come up with various ideas, but Dougie tells him each time that the Simpsons already did them.

Dougie often shows more willingness than Butters to go through with his "evil" plans when in his alter-ego. This is showcased in the episode "The Coon", where he suggests betraying The Coon by blowing him up alongside a hospital.


Video Games

South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!

Although it's canonicity is disputed, General Disarray plays a major role in the video game South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play! as a villain in the "South Park Docks" level where he is summoned to attack the players' characters near the final waves. Like other bosses, the goal is to keep him from reaching the town or the level is lost. Unlike other bosses, he has lines and his role is slightly explained: he is under the control of the Japanese Video Game Announcer Voice but is unaware of it. He is not a playable character, although Professor Chaos is.

South Park: The Stick of Truth

Both Dougie and his alter-ego play minor roles as friendable characters in The Stick of Truth. Dougie first appears in Butters' front yard, then is later found in the Chaos Lair at the U-Stor-It as General Disarray.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

General Disarray appears as a boss on the second night, while Coon and Friends are searching the U-Stor-It for Scrambles the missing cat, with the aid of Toolshed. After he is defeated, The Coon smashes his controller, causing all the lava he had stored to spill onto the floor. The following day, Dougie posts a message on Coonstagram announcing his retirement from super-villainy, and can then be found in Butters' garage, playing with his dinosaur toys.


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