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The Gems Wholesale clerks are three Asian women who run the Gems Wholesale jewelry store in the Season Sixteen episode "Cash For Gold".


In the episode, Eric Cartman visits Gems Wholesale in search for wholesale jewelry which he can resell on his show, the Old People's Shopping Network, at exorbitant prices. The store is operated by these three Asian women. The woman on the left with a bun is the only one who speaks; she could be the owner of the store. She is manipulative and condescending to Cartman, faking exaggerated enthusiasm for his purchase choices and treat him with sarcastic remarks. The other two women simply play along and clap with her as Cartman chooses pieces of jewelry. She says that Cartman is getting such a good deal for the jewelry that he is "fucking" her. Seeing that the women are employing the same tactic as him to con people into paying exorbitant prices of jewelry, Cartman argues with her over who is "fucking" who out of money. He then leaves to find the true source of where the gold and jewelry was coming from.


All three women have black hair and squinty eyes typical of Asian South Park characters. They all wear jewelry and have thick lips. The woman on the left has her hair in a bun and wears glasses. She wears a light blue flower shirt, black pants, and red shoes. She speaks with a strong accent and language errors typical of Asian South Park characters. The woman in the middle has short hair and wears glasses. She wears a brown shirt, cyan pants, and black ballet flats. The woman on the right has long wavy hair. She wears a gray and pink tracksuit with black shoes.

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