Gavin Throttle is the Adams County Pee-Wee Hockey Team's coach who appeared in the Season Ten episode, "Stanley's Cup".


Gavin is relentless, as seen when Stan asks him to lose the game purposely so Nelson Brown will live, to which Gavin doesn't agree to even though a kid's life is at stake and still plans to beat Stan's team. However, despite his confidence, the Adams County Pee-Wee Hockey Team proves to be just as inexperienced and unable to play as the Park County Pee-Wee Hockey Team, which suggests that Gavin may be an inexperienced coach.


Gavin has combed brown hair and wears a white collared shirt with a red tie. On top of that he wears a collared black suit. He also wears grey pants and black shoes. Plus, his facial expression is always one of arrogance and confidence.


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