Gary Nelson was a hallway monitor who first appeared in the season nine episode, "Ginger Kids".


In "Ginger Kids " Gary was one of the gingers children to participate in a pro-ginger rally, he has a few lines throughout the episode.

Gary has made a major appearance on "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy ", where he takes Eric Cartman to the principal's office to make him the new hallway monitor.

He also participates in Stan Marsh 's anti-bullying video on "Butterballs ".

Gary's last appearance was in the game "South Park: The Stick of Truth " where he becomes a Nazi zombie and is killed by the new kid .


Gary has pale white skin, freckles, red hair and big ears. He is usually seen wearing a dark blue short-sleeved shirt, gray pants and black shoes.


Not much is known about Gary's personality, he seems to do his monitor hallway job well.

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