Garth was the main antagonist in the Season Three episode, "Jewbilee". He was killed by Moses for worshiping Haman.


He represented the anti-Semitic sect of Judaism at Jewbilee, which worshiped Haman instead of Moses. He captures Moses in a conch shell and attempts to bring Haman to power, but ultimately fails. He is killed by Moses at the end of the episode.


Garth has curly brown hair and a wrinkled forehead. He dresses similarly to the other Elders at Jewbilee, wearing a grey-green kippah and robes.


Garth is a mean-spirited and treacherous character. He infiltrates Jewbilee with the intention of capturing Moses in a conch shell, betraying the trust of the other Elders. He looks forward to Haman's ascent to power, even though he knows that the rest of the Jews will die.

Garth is also a coward. When Kenny McCormick releases Moses from the conch shell, Garth acts as if the whole thing had been a joke.

Powers and Abilities

Garth appears to have limited mystical powers, as he is able to capture Moses in a conch shell by reading from the Book of Haman. He also summons the spirit of Haman by reading from this book, causing lightning to strike and Haman's face to appear in the sky.



Garth captures Moses in a conch shell. When Moses is later freed, he kills Garth by zapping him with rays.

Kyle Broflovski

Garth locks up Kyle, along with the rest of the Jew scouts and elders at Jewbilee, in a cabin while he summons Haman.

Kenny McCormick

Kenny breaks open the conch containing Moses. This ends Garth's attempt to bring Haman to power, and Moses kills him.


  • Garth was a member of the synagogue of anti-Semites. An anti-Semite is a person prejudiced against Jews.
  • Haman is a character described in the Book of Esther as an antagonist who tried to convince the King of Persia to destroy all of the Jews in the land but was instead hanged for treason at the request of the Queen, whom the book is named after.


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