The Garden of Betrayal or as Wizard Eric Cartman calls it, "The Garden of Andros", was seen as the running joke in the Season Seventeen Black Friday story arc of episodes, "Black Friday", "A Song of Ass and Fire", and "Titties and Dragons".

The garden is a reference to early episodes of HBO series Game of Thrones where there were several scenes with different characters plotting against others would do so whilst walking through luscious greens or gardens. Possibly in direct response, such scenes were not featured in the shooting of episodes after the South Park trilogy.


Eric Cartman takes many walks in the garden to gain the confidence of those he is attempting to betray. He uses the same speech on all of them as he hands them a rose. His manipulation serves as a way to achieve his goal of receiving an Xbox One at a discounted rate on Black Friday by promising to share with whomever is in the garden with him. His speeches are continually interrupted by the owner of the house and garden with threats to call the police on them for trespassing.


The garden features water fountains, exotic plants, rose bushes, as well as artful nude statues and benches.


  • Lady McCormick aka Princess Kenny - Attempts to talk Kenny into betraying Kyle.
  • Paladin Butters - Sends Butters on a fact finding mission to visit George R.R. Martin and ask about the Game of Thrones dragons. He does this to get a winning edge in the battle of Black Friday.
  • Sir Kyle - Attempts to talk Kyle into betraying Stan by getting him grounded. He does this to eliminate Stan from fighting in the battle.
  • Bill Gates - Turns the scheme around on Cartman and appears to be just as manipulative.
  • Sir Stan - Eric Cartman betrays Stan by defecating in the garden and then blaming it on Stan. This act causes Stan's mother to ground him to his bedroom.
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