Gandalf the Grey is a member of the Council of Nine in the "Imaginationland" trilogy.


Gandalf is a central character in the Lord of the Rings books and films. He helps Butters realize his power has the "the key" to saving Imaginationland by using his imagination to fight the evil that took over the world.


Gandalf is an old man who wears a grey cloak and a long grey beard. He also wears a large gray wizard hat and a black belt with a silver colored belt buckle. He wields a black staff with a gold colored handle. Some refer to him as "Gandalf the Grey".


  • Gandalf:"You are real. You are a creator. That means you can imagine things into existence here." - Talking to Butters.
  • Gandalf:"Whatever is most prominent in your mind will come to be."
  • Gandalf:"His powers are getting stronger. We might just have a chance here."- Talking to Aslan the Lion.
  • Gandalf:"Never mind! The battle is almost won! We can deal with him later."


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