Gadnuk, Breaker of Worlds is a rooster who plays Magic: The Gathering who appears in the Season Eighteen episode "Cock Magic".


Gadnuk is stated by one of the cock magic watchers to have never lost a game or even lost any health in Magic: The Gathering. Gadnuk first plays against Clucky, who ends up getting killed in the match. Later on, Kenny McCormick goes in to face off against Gadnuk after The Boys' own hen McNuggets gets scared. In a surprise turn of events, Kenny manages to defeat Gadnuk before the Park County Police Force storms into the basement to arrest the people for participating in an illegal activity.


Gadnuk is a rooster with several fluffy multicolored feathers and long yellow legs. He wears a red, white, and blue ribbon around his neck with a gold medal attached to it.

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