The GS-401 is a weaponized, prototype smart towel, who was developed by Tynacorp. It appeared in the Season Five episode, "Towelie".


The boys just want their Okama Gamesphere back and to do so, they are forced into the middle of a debacle between Tynacorp and a militaristic resistance group. During the boys' infiltration of Tynacorp, the prototype replacement for Towelie, GS-401, is unleashed against them. GS-401 is quickly defeated apathetically by the boys and their photon rifle.

The boys reacquire their Okama Gamesphere, but the Tynacorp building explodes. During their escape, Towelie and the boys form a chain to help save the Gamesphere. GS-401 tries to get Towelie to drop the boys in a fiery inferno, but falls in himself instead.


GS-401 is an anthropomorphic blue towel and is similar in appearance to Towelie, except for large muscles and is darker.



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