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Future Stan is played by an actor hired by Motivation Corp. who appears in the episode "My Future Self n' Me". His goal was to act as if he was from a future in which Stan Marsh was addicted to drugs in order to dissuade Stan from getting involved in drugs. The plan completely failed as Stan quickly found out that Future Stan was actually an actor.


In the supposed future painted by "Future Stan", after touching one marijuana joint, Stan's life spiraled down into a self-destructive series of events in which he became hooked on assorted drugs. He eventually ended up being sent to Juvenile Hall, during which he lost contact with his childhood friends. He would later be released and spend the rest of his life living on the streets, doing assorted and unspeakable things for drugs and booze. One night after falling asleep behind a crack-house, he got stuck in a time-matrix and was transported back into his own childhood. The Marsh family took him in upon his arrival.

In truth, "Future Stan" was nothing more than a professional stage actor associated with Motivation Corp., a company created by people who felt that, rather than speak honestly with kids about drugs, sex and other vices, parents could instead manipulate them with supposedly dismal futures involving time-travel. Randy and Sharon hired Motivation Corp in hopes of doing this with Stan. Determined to keep the lie going, Randy went as far as to cut off "Future Stan's" hand when Stan pretended to cut his own hand off, possibly killing him.


Future Stan clearly looks like he's been living on the streets and has been addicted to drugs. He has long brown tattered hair, a black five o-clock shadow, brown eyebrows, and is slightly overweight. He wears similar clothes to Stan. He wears blue pants, a light blue shirt, and Stan's trademark red poof-ball hat. As of the end of "My Future Self n' Me", Future Stan's actor is missing a hand due to Randy calling Stan's bluff.



Original version of Future Stan.

  • The promotional image of Stan's 'future self' (see side image above), is not the completed model used in the episode. The version seen in the promotional image has him looking rather slim with shorter hair and stubble on his chin. In the final episode, Stan's future-self is considerably more ¨overweight¨, with long, messy brown hair, and heavily lidded eyes.
  • The dialog in which Stan's parents attempted to get Stan to interact with his 'future self' were often veiled jokes towards masturbation, such as Randy telling Stan to go "play with himself".


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