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The Furry Death is a disaster and a major plot device of "Pandemic" and "Pandemic 2: The Startling". It is so called because it is carried out by giant guinea creatures (and maybe a guinea empire) a la Cloverfield. It was held at bay by the Peruvian flute bands until the Department of Homeland Security decided to crack down on them and came up with the decidedly draconian (and borderline, if not actually, racist) method of sending them to Guantanamo Bay. Some of them then warn of muerte peludo, which the interpreter translates as the "Furry Death". People from all over the world were killed due to this, and one person was an indirect victim. Randy Marsh was filming the incident at the time, and was hit by something to do with this. At the same time, to deepen the cliffhanger, the camera stopped at white noise, leaving people to find out on South Park studios. The only one who can stop it is Craig Tucker, so Michael Chertoff has sent him to the Andes mountains (ambiguously said as the "middle of nowhere").

During their venture into the mountains, the boys discovered that Craig had something to do with it. Although Craig was insistent on not doing it, he paralyzed Michael Chertoff (in "guinea pirate" form) by shooting a beam out of his eyes as soon as he stepped on a platform. All the flute bands were freed and the "Furry Death" was driven away. However the Guinea Pirate escaped in what was either an end of episode joke or a cliffhanger. However "About Last Night..." did not even reference it, and it was not mentioned until "Elementary School Musical" when Craig answered Peru to "where have you guys been?" This cemented this incident as an end of episode joke.

Victims of the Furry Death[]

Listed in order of appearance in "Pandemic" and "Pandemic 2: The Startling"
  • Paul Harris was one of the people attacked at the mall, making him one of the first victims. He may or may not be deceased.
  • Anchorman Tom was dragged out of the CNN building from the roof by a murderous guinea pig. He may or may not be deceased. If Tom did die he would be the only major character to die in that whole disaster.
  • Multiple random people in the street — one man in a yellow top had part of his ribcage exposed, a person in a green top was crushed by a car, and a number of people were dragged off by the other Guinea Pigs.
  • Randy Marsh was hit by something as part of the cliffhanger in Pandemic, but is evidently still alive, making him the only known surviving victim (revealed on South Park studios). He was not confirmed as alive or deceased until October 27, two days before the episode is scheduled, so it was not known if he was alive. He survived the incident, along with his family. He attempted to film the incident, but stupidly, he had not put any film in his camera.
  • Random people from all over the world were victimized.
  • Davis, an indirect victim, was murdered by Michael Chertoff (actually the Guinea Pirate in disguise) so that he could not interfere with his master plan.
  • The two pilots, Captain Taylor and Captain Gabriel, were killed by giant bees (likely guinea bees) in the Peruvian jungle.
  • Two people, one named Travis, were mutilated in the grocery store.
  • A couple killed by the guinea rabbits and guinea bees.

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