Funnybot is a robotic comedian created and manufactured in Germany with a purpose of entertaining people and proving Germans aren't the least funny people in the world.

Funnybot appeared in the episode "Funnybot", in which he served as the main antagonist. After exhausting standard comedy routines, Funnybot decided to start slaughtering audiences to create "awkward" situations.

He eventually concluded that the "ultimate joke" would be the destruction of all biological life on Earth, which would be incredibly awkward. However, this plan was stopped by Jimmy and the boys. Funnybot later had a change of heart, understanding that comedy is about more than simple logic.


Funnybot consists of a spherical head with a single visual sensor and aerial atop a conically-shaped body. The body is separated into two segments, each of which is capable of rotating independently of the other. The upper half of the body is equipped with a single 'plunger' manipulator, as well as several other retractable arms. Also concealed within the upper body are a pair of miniguns.


All quotes are from "Funnybot".

  • Funnybot: "Why doesn't a chicken wear pants? Because its pecker is on its head!"
  • Funnybot: "What do you see when the Pillsbury Doughboy bends over? Dough-nuts!"
  • Funnybot: "What is up with Sandra Bullock? I wouldn't eat her dick with Stevie Wonder's vagina!"
  • Funnybot: "Awkwaaard!"
  • Funnybot: "I am taking comedy to the next level. The extermination of all biological life on earth!"
  • Funnybot: "It is the ultimate joke. Humans make comedy, humans build robot, robot ends all life on earth, robot feels awkward."
  • Funnybot: "Mathematical equation of comedy used to be setup, punchline. Today's comedy is setup, punchline, then "Awkwaaard." Nothing is more awkward than destroying all that which created Funnybot."
  • Funnybot to Jimmy: "Thank you boys for teaching me that comedy and logic do not go together. I understand now that comedy should be left to the imperfect biological beings."


  • Funnybot is modeled heavily on the Daleks from the British science fiction show Doctor Who in body design, sound, and mannerisms. Both are on a mission to destroy humanity, have a blatant disregard for human life, use a catch phrase (Funnybot's "Awkward!" to the Daleks' "Exterminate!"), feature electronically synthesized voices, manipulate items using a plunger arm and have one eye on their head. Also the "Exterminate!" phrase was also used by Funnybot.
  • The way Funnybot activates the missiles using an extending bar plugged into a circular socket is a reference to R2-D2 from Star Wars.
  • Funnybots full name is XJ-212.


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