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The Fresh Island Song was featured in the Season Six episode "Free Hat".


In an attempt to prevent Raiders of the Lost Ark from being remade, the boys infiltrate the Skywalker Ranch and steal the original negatives, only to be caught by George Lucas. The boys then change into colorful outfits and sing a "cool island song" to try melt Lucas' "icy heart" and convince him not to remake the film, but end up getting into an argument over what kind of heart he has and what type of island song they should be playing.

Meanwhile, members of the Free Hat movement improvise the song as a "fresh island song", performing it in front of the Governor of Colorado at the Colorado State Capitol to convince him to release Hat McCullough from prison.


In the tropical isles with the coconut trees
The air is fresh and the people are free
But here in the mountains there's no freedom like that
There's a man in prison and his name is hat

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