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The French Canadian Mime is a mime who appears in Season Seven episode "It's Christmas in Canada".


As the boys and Rick the Mountie were on their way to Ottawa to see the Prime Minister, they ended up in French Canada, and met the mime. The mime tells the group that the Prime Minister had recently passed a law that banned the consumption of wine, and wanted to follow them.

The group managed to overturn the laws when it was discovered that Saddam Hussein had been in control all along.


The mime wears a typical mime costume. Unlike most Canadians, the mime has a square-shaped head instead of a round one.


It is noted by Rick the Mountie that the mime, like all other French Canadians, are "a little odd". In the first conversations, the mime would show a hand sign imitating calling the other party through a phone, and expects them to reciprocate.

The mime rarely uses body movements and instead speaks often, which is atypical of a mime artist.

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