The Freemont Bridge is a bridge located in or close to South Park, Colorado. It was first seen in the Season Eleven episode, "Cartman Sucks".


The Freemont Bridge has been in numerous episodes of South Park. In "Cartman Sucks", Bradley is shown by the rails threatening to jump off. In "Skank Hunt", Heidi Turner stood at the top of the bridge, when she threw her phone into the water. In "Wieners Out", Dildo Shwaggins and Gerald Broflovski meet for the first time about the impending danger to online trolls. In "Splatty Tomato", Heidi Turner is seen reminiscing back to "Skank Hunt" when she threw her phone off the bridge.


The Freemont Bridge is enclosed in a steel structure with guard-rails at the bottom. Below the bridge is a stream along with dirt terrain off to the left and right sides of the stream. To the west and east sides of the bridge is a forest. The bridge itself has had little visual changes since it's first appearance in "Cartman Sucks". However, the rocks around the bridge appeared more gray colored in its appearance in "Wieners Out".


  • The scene where Gerald Broflovski and Dildo Shwaggins meet underneath the Freemont Bridge is a subtle nod to the giant troll sculpture under the Fremont bridge in Seattle, Washington.[1]



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